It has been a great opportunity volunteering here – the opportunity I have personally not gotten before now. Getting to work with a special team of organizers and management was illuminating and educative to me. I didn’t know how animals and human beings (volunteers) could be harnessed to bring about a wonderful therapeutic assistance to those with disabilities.
On the side of the students, I learned the great impact special attention and assistance could offer them in managing their life; getting them happy, educated and enhancing their interpersonal relationship with others at the same time. In this environment, I discovered the joy of being around and working with those with disabilities. Though it might be difficult raising such kids, but it is no more difficult than raising the normal kids if the joy of staying around them is discovered. That is the joy I discovered at the Project RIDE community. I will avail myself of the opportunity to volunteer in future as long as I have the opportunity.

Felix O.
CSUS Student