Office Manager

since 2012
Lori rejoined staff in 2014 as an Executive Assistant after previously serving as interim Volunteer Coordinator and volunteering. She now manages the office and makes sure our operations run smoothly. Lori moved from the Bay Area in 2010 and soon after came to Project R.I.D.E. She says, “Ever since my move, I dreamed of working with a facility that treasured children and valued the quintessential horse lifestyle within city limits. I have been so fortunate to find all that @ R.I.D.E.” From outreach to in-house support, Lori’s role is to represent R.I.D.E. in program fundraising support and business office administration, as Office Manager. With her experience in Business and Marketing, Lori works cooperatively with Staff to make a difference to our bottom line; to serve special needs students and enhance their lives thru social, emotional and physical conditioning while mounted on a horse. “A dream come true,” comments Lori. “In my spare time, you will find me at home with my 30 year old quarter horse gelding “Dually” (a retired Project RIDE horse!), 2 goats and 7 chickens where I enjoy grooming the animals, practicing ground manners and listening to one another.”