Observation Hours

Do you need hours of observation for a CSUS Department of Education class? You’re in the right place!

Important! Please call first each time – our lesson schedule can fluctuate daily depending on student absences, extreme heat, thunder, poor air quality or instructor absence. (916) 685-7433

Please review all the following instructions carefully.

  • Download our Summer Volunteer Schedule
  • and choose a convenient time when you’d like to observe. Come for one lesson or stay all day, as you like!
  • Come to our arena at the appropriate time, using our directions as our facility can be difficult to locate
  • Sign in as a visitor and alert any office staff or the riding instructor on duty to your presence and they will answer any questions and direct you to our viewing platform where you may comfortably observe lessons.
  • Be sure to remain quiet during lessons to avoid distracting students. You are welcome to take notes or talk quietly with parents or siblings of riders, but photographs of students are not allowed. Please be respectful of student confidentiality and do not ask their parents what disability their child has.
  • Enjoy your observation! Stay as long as you like while lessons are in operation. Note that there are brief breaks between lessons and longer breaks for lunch and dinner; during breaks you are welcome to join staff and volunteers in our break room to chat and enjoy a snack, or leave and return if you prefer.

If, after observing our lessons you are interested in volunteering or completing Service-Learning hours with our program, please review our volunteer program and contact us to sign up for our next orientation and training session.